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Mark Dwarka Expressway for Beneficial Investment in Gurgaon

November 12, 2019 | 360 Realtors

Mark Dwarka Expressway for Beneficial Investment in Gurgaon

All your dreams, desires and high expectations about premium housing can now be true at the dream destination for advantageous real estate investment deals, Dwarka Expressway.

If you are marking NCR for your next home, Gurgaon is the best choice and Dwarka Expressway is the exact location in order to set new financial goals and to enjoy a high-quality premium life here.

The infrastructure of this prosperous region is highly advanced and is enriched with all types of social and civic resources of facilities, conveniences, utilities, comforts, and amenities.

A prestigious chain of international, renowned and highly-prestigious schools is established in this prosperous region which is delivering quality and best education to prepare the ideal personalities for different sectors and fields.

Apart from the top-quality medical facilities and a wide range of entertainment, fun and shopping destinations available in abundance here, Dwarka Expressway is the destination of prosperity where all the brilliant social and civic amenity features are world-class, sophisticated and hi-tech.

Considered as one of the brightest platforms for IT professionals, Gurgaon is the rising platform for the nation’s highly talented and ambitious professionals.

A number of city’s most prestigious companies, industries, and renowned organizations are established only in or close vicinity to Dwarka Expressway and hence, these factors make it more advantageous for working families and professionals to for smart investment deals here in order to live a prosperous life by staying close to their working destinations.

A Lavish Development at Dwarka Expressway

Established in Sector 104, just meters off from Dwarka Expressway, the most promising and adequate property for enjoying a world-class luxury life at reasonable prices, Hero Homes Gurgaon Phase 2 is the choice of intelligent buyers in NCR.

You can experience absolute bliss, elegance and charm in this entire project because all the major sections are enriched with high-end features, luxuries, comforts, fixtures and specifications.

The ultra-premium 2 and 3 BHKs in Hero Homes Gurgaon Phase 2 Sector 104 are the lavish living spaces fortified with unbeatable interior designing, elegant floorings and unmatched quality furnishings. Interested buyers can choose here from various sizes ranging from 1099 sq. ft. to 1689 sq. ft.

The beautiful and gorgeous homes come with a very strategic and convenient Hero Homes Gurgaon Phase 2 Location Map.

The supreme collection of amenities and highlights available in this grand property contains top features like geysers and exhaust fans in kitchen and washrooms, video door phone security systems, electric car charging points, LPG gas leak detector, occupancy light sensor, cricket pitch, 5-tier security system, clubhouse, swimming pool and a lot more.

Do not miss to experience the richness, charm and lavishness of this magnificent property and book your apartment with Hero Homes Gurgaon Phase 2 Price ranging from Rs. 70 lakhs to Rs. 1.08 crores.

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